Paula Daniels and Will Schuck are a songwriting duo devoted to creating relevant music that speaks to the heart and mind. Download our new three-song demo LISTEN today! For more information, use the Get in Touch link.

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Paula Daniels and Will Schuck

​Our Songwriting Story:

I started singing on a karaoke app every day to help strengthen my vocals.  I started out on Smule:  https://www.smule.com/Paula_Daniels

It was at this time I started singing with Will Schuck, a writer, poet, and lyricist. To make a long story short: We started writing songs even though he lives in Ohio and I’m in  Connecticut.  He would send me lyrics and give me an idea of what he thought the song should sound like and from there I would write music to his lyrics. Our genre is Blues/Country-infused Pop.

Our songwriting technique is very different than what I am accustomed to when doing collaborations, however, I actually prefer the manner in which we write our songs!  It is very unique and I think when the right combination is there as far as experience, dedication, and the ability to accept constructive criticism its a win/win deal.

To date, we have written 12 songs and then some in a project that has spanned over three years, which has brought us to where we are today.

Some Interesting Facts About Our Songs: They are about actual events or circumstances in either our own or a friend or loved one's life.


We believe in giving back/paying it forward:  One of our songs on the demo is about PTSD. We intend to donate a portion of the proceeds from that song to a Veterans Organization.

Some of our songs are about other subjects that have causes that are near and dear to our hearts. We intend to do the same with a portion of profits made from those songs. For instance:  We are both animal rescuers having adopted pets from various rescue organizations.  We would like to donate a portion of proceeds from one of our songs to some of these wonderful rescue groups!


If you would like to check out any of the social media connected to our songwriting:

• Instagram:  @Pdanartist

• Twitter:  @pdanielsartist   


Get to Know Daniels & Schuck



Music has been a major part of my life since I was around 6 years old. I had a little toy keyboard with colored keys and my late dad would teach me little songs on it.  He soon realized I was also able to play by ear. My dad was my biggest fan and always supported and encouraged my love of music.


One day, a beautiful Story & Clark organ arrived at our house & I started taking formal, private lessons from the age of seven until around thirteen.  


Then, I taught myself how to play guitar and had some lessons in finger picking. My brother and many of our friends also played.  We’d all get together and “jam”  learning new songs from one other. We even had a little garage band at one point and that was lots of fun! 




Fast forward-to around 2001, with my children a bit older,  I started writing again and playing with a  friend from work and we played at an open mic night at a local pub. This gradually turned into filling in for the house band while they were on breaks and sometimes playing with the band which was a lot of fun!


When I became a stay at home mom in 2010, I began to spend every spare moment of my time focused on my music. If I'm not playing or writing, even to this day:  I am constantly thinking of new song ideas. 


I always thought my genre was more inspired by folk music but in actuality, I really don't like to limit myself to one particular genre, because I enjoy music of any kind (for the most part!)  I have been told I am more of an Indie artist and that is probably a more accurate description.


The music I have been writing with Will is considered to be:  Blues/Country-infused Pop genre.


In 2017, I used home recording equipment to play my guitar, sing and record two songs: They are called Na Na Song (the one I wrote as a young teen) and The Butterfly Warrior, I wrote the song for my daughter as she is a lupus patient.  The majority of royalties from The Butterfly Warrior are given to The Lupus Foundation of America.  Both songs are on iTunes, Spotify, and most music platforms.  


I invite you to find the songs on Spotify here:

Na Na Song ©2017 Paula Daniels

Butterfly Warrior ©2017 Paula Daniels


Music is not just something I do, music is my life!! I practice every single day and/or work on new material each and every day. If I'm not playing or writing, even to this day:  I am constantly thinking of new song ideas.  Whether it be life experience or just watching clouds float by my window on a gorgeous day. Everything around me is an inspiration!


This is the best job I've ever had because to me, it is fulfilling my deeply rooted desire to create. In doing this, I hope to share our music with the world as I feel that together, with both of us having so many life experiences, etc. and being in our 50s now, we have a lot to share.


Songwriter/Audio Engineer

With apologies to Simon & Garfunkel, to describe the Daniels & Schuck duo, I would put it this way:  I'm the poet and Paula is the one-woman band.


Even though I graduated from a college that specializes in music, my major was English. I did, however, hang out in the conservatory at Baldwin-Wallace College (now Baldwin Wallace University), in the late '80s and early '90s. It was a great place to write poetry and visit with my musical friends. It was there at Baldwin Wallace that I learned the most I ever learned about music from both a student-teacher who taught me to play saxophone and from a musician-friend who dated the saxophonist for Winton Marsalis. This was after a year of guitar lessons, eight years on the clarinet, and a year on the violin. Having grown up with a Gulbransen player piano in our family home, I never learned to play until I began taking lessons in 2017!

Over the years I sang in the choruses of local stage musicals and in church choirs and even took voice lessons. My haphazard career in music didn't come into focus though until I met Paula Daniels online in 2016, singing on a karaoke app.


Beginning way back in high school, right up until the present, I've written a catalog of poems that I intended as song lyrics. My many attempts to find a musically talented partner to put those lyrics to music, however, each failed. That is until Paula had the insight to inquire about my career as a writer. I related to her how I majored in English, had a career as an editor for a business-to-business publishing company, landed a PR job with a Fortune 250 bank, and then got laid off... but all the while, in the background, I wrote creatively.


In 2007, I formed Schuckspeare Publishing and in 2013, I published Some Other Christmas. Somehow, Paula managed to see the creative genius in my career and asked if I'd write lyrics for her. The rest - as they say - is history. Together we've collaborated on more than a dozen songs and generated scores of ideas, concepts, and themes for yet-to-be-written collaborations. Plus, she hasn't yet gained access to my full collection of song lyrics. In the words of Billy Joel, "There would still be music left to write," and there is!


Besides lyric writing and poetry, my interest in creative writing and literature has taken me into a deep study of the life and works of Ohio author Sherwood Anderson - and ultimately into forming the Sherwood Anderson Literary Center. Through this organization for writers, I have met and forged friendships with authors from Ohio and around the country including the mother of a well-known Grammy Award-winning recording artist, and the late Earl Hamner, creator of TV's "The Waltons." From this example, you see that my love for - and commitment to - writing extends well beyond the pen and the keyboard.

As an aside, these are my very informal and somewhat humorous connections to the recording industry:  I am sometimes told I resemble country singer Clint Black, I have met and received advice from country/bluegrass superstar Ricky Skaggs, I booked (and was the handler for) Barbra Streisand's sister Roslyn Kind for a local performance, and one of my dad's cousins was Country Music Hall-of-Famer Ray Price (on my dad's mother's side).

What's next? For now, I'll keep writing, keep it simple, and keep leaning on Lady Luck!


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